Monday, April 5, 2010

Notes from the Road

Since what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, it wasn't too much of a surprise when the girl at Fazoli's seemed high when taking our order.

Driving down the road we saw a car that had an empty bike rack on the back. A little while later we saw a car that had a full bike rack. Wonder if they were racing for pinks and the first car lost.

Apparently furniture grows along the road in California. Lots of people seemed to be stopping to load them up into their cars. One guy found a table to go with the mattresses that he had already found.

Cars seem to come in two sizes in California—really small and really big. If you had a big enough family to warrant buying a Hummer, wouldn't it be smarter to buy a bus and pick up some paying passengers along the way? I'm just saying.

A guy cut us off to speed through the agricultural checkpoint. After trying to speed thru it, the attendant checked his vehicle thoroughly, which we thought was hilariously funny. Then the guy flipped the attendant off. We were really hoping to see him pulled over further down the road.

I love to travel, but the older I get the worse getting to the destination seems to be. My motion sickness seems to be hitting faster, and my tolerance for lengthy flights or drives is getting shorter.

There is never a Cracker Barrel around when you need one. Like when I wanted some mashed potatoes, and we couldn't find anywhere other than KFC that had mashed potatoes, and I didn't want KFC. So we ended up going to Spoons Bar and Grill and they didn't have mashed potatoes either and the service was ultra slow and West Virginia lost to Duke by 21 points. Not exactly a great evening.

You need to call a timeout on the Punch Dub game when you pass a VW dealership, or someone is going to be black and blue.

If you play a game where you name all the words you can come up with that start with a letter and you pick the letter D, it is inevitable that the 4-year-old will come up with damn, dork, and dick.

The I Spy game can incite violence.

It is an empty threat to tell a 4-year-old if they don't go potty before leaving the mall that you will make them hold it all the way to San Diego if they need to pee 5 minutes down the road.

Floaty wings are awesome, because you don't actually have to get in the pool with your kid if you don't want to.

Making an Excel spreadsheet to track costs associated with vacation is practical, but a bit of a downer when it comes to relaxing. Fortunately, Brent is an Excel expert.

Earthquakes can make you nauseous.

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  1. Next time tell her she'll have to pee on the side of the road. That's what my parents always did. Of course it probably won't work with her!