Thursday, April 8, 2010

Notes from the Road II

If everything is bigger in Texas, then everything must cost more in California. Stuff on the dollar menu in Vegas is $1.49 here. And $3.99 for a bag of Doritos? Do they contain flecks of gold?

I wish we had a rental car. Ours has old car smell now.

My brain went on vacation without me, and I think it's sipping pina coladas in Waikiki. It would appear Brent's brain joined mine, as he has been forgetting to lock the car, and also left the windows down. Maybe an old man slept in it, and that's where the old car smell came from.

I like staying at the condo, because we have a kitchen and a living area, but I really miss having a maid make the bed every day. And let's not get started on how fast H and I can trash a room. Brent is always shocked by it when we travel with him, which is funny.

Even if the weather is bad, it's nice being anywhere but home.

I stopped buying family members souvenirs from places we go. If they want a spoon or a t-shirt, they can go on their own trip. Although sometimes I will pick up a gift from wherever we are—I used to buy my mom salt and pepper shakers, and now that she's gone I sometimes buy them for my dad. But really, why get someone a memento from some place they didn't go? And I am never hauling home another pineapple from Hawaii again. Sorry Nate.

It doesn't matter where we go, Brent will run into someone he knows. Of course, since he has been to 48 of the 50 states, he does know people almost everywhere we go.

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