Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Domesticity 1

Last weekend I prepared four meals. This is the current record because although I like to cook, I really haven't made it a priority since before H was born. She's four now, almost five. As soon as I felt up to cooking again (H was two) my mom died, which sent me spiraling into a depression which I may never fully pull myself out of. Then we were in a car accident and it took quite a few months (and a prescription for Celexa) before I physically felt able to start cooking. Although I really didn't make a lot of meals. Maybe one or two a week.

Other stuff happened, and I am still grieving for my mom, and then my back went out. It's now been about 6 weeks and I'm starting to feel pretty good. Basically, I have run out of excuses to avoid cooking dinner. So on Friday I made steak. Yes, I did forget to make side dishes. In my defense, I was really sad on Friday and was doing good to make anything. Saturday was a holiday. On Sunday I made grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. Since H was very sick we didn't go to my dads for dinner, so I went fancy and made waffles from scratch for my little family. Every bowl in my house is now dirty, but my husband loves waffles. On Monday I made grilled sandwiches for lunch again.

Today we embark on a new journey. My next cooking goal is to master macaroni and cheese from scratch. Having mastered Kraft Macaroni and Cheese quite awhile ago, I feel it is now time to step up my game. Plus my little brother makes awesome mac and cheese and as the big/only sister I feel it is my sworn duty to out do him. So I called him and got the recipe and spent $12 on cheeses. Provolone, Romano Reggiano and Mozzarella. Attempt one is today. Wish me luck. Wish my family luck, since they have to eat it.

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