Sunday, July 18, 2010

Camping Notes

So we went camping last weekend. A couple of my nieces and nephews had never been, so it was lots of fun to see their first camping experiences. They also got to learn fire safety, and overall did pretty good with staying out of the fire, other than playing with the ashes.

My BIL keep getting after my nephew for throwing sticks in the fire. So when it came time to gather more firewood my nephew said "I guess I'll go get more damn firewood." He's seven, and if he hadn't been so sad it would have been pretty funny.

If you buy the giant marshmallows you only need one marshmallow, two full graham crackers and a full chocolate bar to make a giant s'more. If you put the chocolate bar on the graham cracker on a plate and set it near the fire it will melt and make the most awesome s'more ever. I really don't like s'mores that much, if you must know.

I think you could make an easy s'more by heating up a chocolate Moon Pie.

My niece McKenzie has renamed Dutch Oven Enchilada Casserole "Giant Enchilada." Dutch Oven Giant Enchilada is awesome. Even the little kids ate it. And it had jalapenos and enchilada sauce in it.

You can get away with eating all the cookies if no one sees you and you blame it on the mice.

It's a good idea to bring extra toilet paper on a campout, even if you are camping where there is a potty.

It takes freakin' forever to cook hot dogs and marshmallows over coals. Next time I'm throwing more wood in regardless of what anyone says, particularly if the person hasn't camped in over 20 years.

It's a good idea to put all the kids in the same tent so that when they leave the tent screen open all the bugs go in their tent, and not yours.

Always bring an extra lawn chair.

The later the hour, the gigglier the group gets. Even Brent gets giggly.

Cold cereal and Pop tarts for breakfast is a great idea, particularly if everyone gets up at a different time. The early birds are happy, and the late risers can eat breakfast when they want, and it's supposed to be cold.

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