Saturday, April 2, 2011


Kindergarteners are so stinking cute. Every time I drop my daughter off at school, or pick her up, I smile at the exuberance they show. They wear their little backpacks and go to class, turn in their books and homework, and sit down at their tables or on the rug.

When parents come to pick them up or help with school, they are so excited and say "that's my mommy!" They hug their parents good-bye and hold their hands.

They bring home the cutest art work projects.

My daughter H can't leave school without hugging her teacher. I sincerely doubt the third graders are doing that.

Whatever game you show up with for a class party they like to play. H's class really likes Simon Says, which was a back-up game.

They look adorable in their little caps and gowns at graduation.

They study math and reading, but they also get lots of stories, art, and music time.

One of their main jobs is to learn the school rules, which are cute like "walk slow like a turtle".

They don't see going to school in their pajamas as a threat; instead it's a treat.

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