Saturday, April 30, 2011

At the Airport

There are lots of things I hate about travel, especially air travel, but what I like best is seeing what books other people are reading. What people read says a lot about them—for instance, it takes guts to read a trashy romance in public. Once on a flight I was reading "Paris 1919" and the guy next to me was reading "The Life of Pi." I ended up suggesting that for my book club, just because I saw someone else read it. This can backfire on you though—at a family reunion someone was reading "1491", which is about the America's before Columbus. What a snoozer. At the moment I am too embarrassed to take the book out of my bag—"Fascinating Girl." My friend says that she and her husband read it and make fun of it all the time, so I obviously had to read it, but you can't explain that you're reading the book for a satirical reason.

So far today I've seen a couple of people with library books—I admit, I have one or two in my bag. I like to travel with cheap paperbacks I got at the used book store so I can abandon them when I'm done with them. I figure someone else who reads will find them and they'll get another read. Plus, at some Holiday Inn Express hotels they have a paperback exchange shelf, where you can leave books and pick up new ones. I also abandon magazines in hotels and airports.

I don't like it when people are reading Kindles, because you can't tell what they're reading without asking them.

I also like to see what people are traveling in. I personally prefer velour sweats, but we're going to Florida where it is 80 degrees, so I'm willing to be chilled a little (it is snowing here) to be comfortable on the end. What really cracks me up is chicks that travel in high heels. That must be very comfortable when you are running between terminals to catch your connection.

If I had room in my carryon I would bring my Snuggie. I haven't seen anyone else travel with one, but it's got to be only a matter of time, especially since it's like pulling teeth to get a blanket on a plane anymore.

I hate it when people buy potent smelling food to take on the plane. Some of us are doing are best not to hurl, but certain smells can make us lose our lunch, and then we all suffer.

I think those backpack leashes on toddlers are a great idea. Those little ones are really quick, and you can lose them very fast.

I dislike it when people try to bring baggage on the plane that is obviously not going to fit in the overhead bin.

I really hate sitting in the back of the plane near the bathroom. I hate flying in general, but it just adds to my motion sickness issues.

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