Saturday, September 25, 2010

On Shopping Malls

There are things I love about malls, things that make no sense, and some things I flat out hate. I like that there are numerous stores so you can get several things in the same place. I like when there are more than three choices in the food court.

I really am not a fan of the little kiosks in the mall. I understand the need to fill that space so it isn't wasted. But I hate it when the people working at the kiosk basically accost you and try to drag you into a sales pitch. The hand lotion people seem to be the worst. I do my best to not make eye contact with them, and sometimes even go into stores that I don't necessarily need to go into just to avoid these people. The Living Scriptures are the worst.

Why does a store like Express which caters to thin, young trendy people have a plethora of floor space and wide aisles between clothing racks, while Motherhood Maternity is crammed into a small space where a pregnant woman is bound to get stuck between to racks of clothing?

I love going to Gymboree because the clothes are so cute, and H loves going because there is a tv showing children's shows in the back. This buys me a lot of time to peruse the discount rack.

I don't enjoy walking past Victoria's Secret. I don't like having to explain to my daughter why ladies are in their underwear—or hardly in their underwear as the case may be.

When a mall has a play area that's fantastic. I really miss the play area in Provo Towne Centre. It only had one way to get in so you only had to keep an eye on one exit. The Orem mall has an okay play area, but it's hard to find a place to sit where you can keep an eye on the entire perimeter.

It annoys me when the pretzel stand doesn't have parmesan cheese as an option. I know it's messy, but if the mall isn't carpeted who cares?

The glass block walkways at the Provo Towne Centre (PTC) freak me out. I know that the walkway is structurally sound—I was the Project Secretary when the mall was built and I saw every piece of that building go up. I even helped get the stars in the floor in the main entrance to the mall—I handed them to one of the executives who ended up installing them just to meet the grand opening deadline. Getting back on track, the walkway still freaks me out.

I am not a fan of outdoor shopping centers. In the summer they are too hot, and the in the winter too cold.

See's Candies will give you a free chocolate just for going in the store.

When they don't have an As Seen on TV Store. What if you don't want to pay shipping for your Snuggie or Perfect Brownie?

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