Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Early Out

I really detest the early out days at H's school. Since she is in kindergarten on Early Out Wednesdays she had to go to school at 12:15. Usually class starts at 12:40. We generally remember to leave for school at 12:30. Two weeks in a row now I have forgotten about Early Out, and H has been late two Wednesdays in a row. If I hadn't happened to look at the calendar today to see what was going on after school and noticed the 12:15 notation for school today, she would have been much later. Since I noticed that at 12:15, we got out the door and H was only late by 5 minutes.

Instead of getting out at 3:15, she gets out at 2:20. So why even take her to school for 2 hours? By the time I start getting anything done, it's time to go get her. And after we get home and have snack time, it's time to leave for gymnastics. Which I also forgot about today. Which makes me wonder if there is any point to having a calendar, since I don't always remember to check it. We even have daily schedules for each day of the week to keep this from happening! Of course, the month-long sinus infection I've had has completely thrown us off our schedule. Perhaps if we got back on schedule we could handle this early out nonsense. Hmm…

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