Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Hills Are Alive

You know, all Captain Von Trapp really needed was the Supernanny.

This is what I have determined after 5 months of rehearsals for The Sound of Music. We are now down to our final dress rehearsals and finally start performances next week. At this point I can't wait until it's over. It's been fun, somewhat, but this particular production of The Sound of Music has to be the biggest train wreck of any show I have ever been affiliated with. Not that I've been in a ton of shows. In fact, I haven't been in one since high school, but still, it has been a lot harder than it had to be.

Two weeks from now H will be at her kindergarten assessment, and all of this will be but a memory.

This post really sucks. Maybe when the play is over I will be getting more sleep and will be able to think a little more clearly. See, little more clearly doesn't even makes sense. Perhaps if I could think anything but Do, a deer, a female deer I could form a full and correct sentence.

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