Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tennessee Part One

Was it lying when I led the TSA to believe that I had forgotten to take the DVD player out of my bag when it was actually my netbook I had forgotten to take out? It would have been extra hassle, and we already had enough hassle what with trying to take a YooHoo through for H.

The Atlanta airport is evil and should be avoided at all costs. I landed in A, had to take a train to E, then they said my flight was in B, so I took a train to B, and they said to go back to E. Yeesh. I ending up doing this journey with a couple I met in the train. Once they finally started boarding our flight they called us up by zones, to walk down the walkway to a stairway to get on a bus to go to the airplane. Zones really worked well for that. Then we sat for an hour on the tarmac, waiting to takeoff. There was no beverage service on this flight, and they made us turn off our phones. Since Brent and H were flying on Southwest and I was on Delta (a free flight is a free flight), it was a good thing I managed to fire off a text letting him know I was running behind.

Once I got to Tennessee, Brent made us eat at the Awful House—I mean Waffle House. H ate a grilled cheese sandwich and ¼ of my waffle. At least this time Brent didn't make me try grits.

Brent met me at the airport with a icy cold Diet Dr. Pepper. It's nice to be loved.

To be continued…

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